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Heritage Fellowship collected 1958 shoeboxes
(gospel opportunities!) throughout National Collection Week as a drop-off location for
Operation Christmas Child!

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The Heart of Believing, a Heritage of Belonging, and the Hope of Becoming

The Player family will be eternally grateful for the welcome our disabled son received at Heritage Fellowship. Instead of looking at the complications involved in including a person with disabilities such as disruptions, Heritage looked at our Robbie as a precious gift from God. He was made very welcome in the church service and accommodations were made to help him be a part of the church. Robbie loved attending church on Sundays. We believe he knew he was loved by his Lord because he was loved by his church. When we lost him last April, our church helped us through and continue to help us through a very difficult time.


- The Player Family


I am so thankful for Heritage Fellowship Church. Our family has been so blessed by being a part of this church family. We have been ministered to in times of great need like never before in any of the other churches we've attended. We've also had many opportunities to help others in the church and in the community. We pray the Lord will bless the church and we can be a light in our little corner of the World, while we also send others out into other communities. I am always amazed at the times the Lord uses the sermons to directly answer my prayers, some I've prayed for for many years! This is truly a special body of believers!


- The Gartner Family