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What can I expect during a Sunday morning worship service?

Our services are age-integrated, which means that the whole family participates in our services. The reason we are age-integrated is because we believe our children can learn best what it means to truly worship when they see it modeled both by their parents at home and by the adults in the service.

Our services begin around 10:45am with a section of Scripture being read to draw us into a mindset of worship. We follow the Scripture reading with a time of worship through music. This music is often a blend of both hymns and contemporary worship songs.

At the conclusion of song, one of the elders preaches an expository sermon from God’s Word. The message is followed by a time of joint prayer over needs and praises from the congregation. Our service is completed after announcements and a closing prayer.

What if my child becomes discontent or begins to make noises during the service?

While this is not unusual, we have become acclimated to the little bit of additional noise and movement made by children. We believe so strongly in children, even infants, being a part of the services that we welcome the distractions that sometimes come. In the event that you feel you need to take your child to a place to calm him down, we have a small nursing/childcare room in the back of the building. When a parent does need to take a child out, we encourage them to return to the service after settling the child, in order that he might continue learning the process of participation in the worship service.

How do people dress for your Sunday morning worship service?

Attire for Sunday worship varies from person to person. At Heritage we care more about the inner heart than the outward appearance. We do encourage attendees to dress in a modest way as not to be a distraction to others in worship.

What type of music do you use for Sunday morning worship?

Our music varies between hymns and contemporary worship songs. Sometimes we use pre-recorded music, and at other times members will use their musical gifting to lead the congregation in song. With our worship music, our main desire is that it has a focus on God, it is scripturally sound, and that it is easy to sing congregationally.

Do you have lunch every Sunday after the service?

We do have lunch every Sunday after church. Our lunches are covered-dish style meals where those who want to stick around for lunch and fellowship bring something to share. We invite visitors to join us as our guests for lunch. We always have plenty to share, so please plan on staying for lunch. It is during this meal time that relationships are built and that informal discipleship happens.

Other questions?

Our elders would love to answer any other questions that you have concerning the church. Give one of them a call or send them an email. They would love to hear from you.